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William S. Harris from Three Men in a Boat, is the youngest of the three men. J comments that he always knows where a good pub is, no matter where they seem to land. He's not married and seems to enjoy living in the moment. One of those moments includes getting completely intoxicated and while the other two men are gone, hallucinates and thinks that he's being attacked by a group of swans. The fact that he is a borderline alcoholic probably explains why he seems to have such a short fuse when it comes to temperament. Several times he loses his temper and throws a nice man-sized tantrum. The others just let him rant until he gets it out of his system. He likes to pretend that he's a talented singer who just hasn't hit the big time yet. But, in reality, he's usually so intoxicated that he forgets the words and gets upset with the other musicians.

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