Thomas Hardy

what is your point of view about poem paying calls?

paying calls is written by thomas hardy
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In Hardy's poem, Paying Calls, a man goes to see friends that he's lost touch with and hasn't seen for a long time. They are patient and listen to what he has to say, and don't interrupt him. They are all enjoying the summer's sun, and the man has had to travel over all sorts of landsape to find them all. In the end, the reader realizes that all of his friends are dead and that he's been visiting their graves. This poem seems to be speaking to regrets, loneliness, and the tendency for people to get so wrapped up in their own lives that they forget to maintain those relationships that mean so much to them....until it is too late.

The poem by Thomas hardy emphasizes the strong bond between real friends.Further it implys that friendship is not broken even by the death.