Thomas Becket

How could I make a obituariy for the Sir Thomas Becket? Can anyone help me?

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There are key components to place in an announcement about the recent death of a person. The most important are a biographical sketch and where and when the funeral service will be held. Most of these are thought to be standard points to include when writing about a deceased friend or loved one. If you have the task of writing an obituary, you may want to find a few samples to view so that you can better know how these are formatted. Spending some time reading obits in your paper as well as going online to view examples in the form of templates, is recommended so that you will have a sound understanding of how to create a meaningful piece.


Typically, obits have the following included:

  • Name of deceased
  • Age at time of death
  • Birth and death dates
  • Birth place
  • Schooling or education
  • Accomplishments or biographical sketch
  • Immediate family members still living and deceased
  • Funeral arrangements, date, time and location
  • Where to send gifts or donations in memory
  • Where condolences to the family can be sent