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Duty is defined as something someone must do for moral, legal, or religious reasons. This novel touches on the theme of duty in all three of those categories. First is the moral duty of Caspian to find his father's lords. Before the beginning of the novel Prince Caspian Caspian's father was murdered by his own brother, Miraz. As part of this scheme, Caspian's father's closest friends, seven lords, were forced to leave Narnia to explore the Eastern Sea and were never heard of again. Caspian has vowed to find them and to either bring them back home or to avenge their deaths. Caspian has been told that the seven men took a ship and sailed to the very ends of the world. This is rumored to be where Aslan has his home, at the end of the world. Caspian feels it is his moral duty to his father to find his friends and, if not return them home, to at least make them aware that it is safe to return to Narnia if they so choose. Caspian does find all seven lords, although several of them have met their deaths in the course of their travels.