The Story of My Life

Draw a character sketch of Bishop Brooks?

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n The Story of My Life, there are many influential people that affect Helen Keller. She values and recognizes their contribution to her development. One such person is Bishop Brooks whom Helen describes as amongst "men of genius."(ch 23) The Bible has never interested Helen, to the point she actually finds it "devoid of interest" at first. As always, Helen perseveres and comes to an appreciation although she continues to dislike the "barbarous" events recalled there. Bishop Brook never tries to influence Helen's religious choices, rather guiding her towards "one universal religion." (ch 23)

In the autobiographical novel, The Story of my Life, by Helen Keller, she writes often about Bishop Brooks. He was a constant in her life from an early age. He was one that never judged her, never tried to restrain her, and accepted her as one of God's children, even when others could or would not. She credits him for her strong moral and ethical beliefs that good always wins in the end. Even after his death, his life views on love and friendship have a lasting effect.

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helen felt that it was one of her sweetest priviliges of her life to have know bishop brooks . helen felt that her spirit could not reach up to his , but he gave her a real sense of joy in life . he taught her that there was only one universal religion- the religion of love . we should love our heavnly father with our whole heart ans soul , we should love every child of god as much as we can . he also told her that the possibilities of good were always greater than the possibilities of evil and we have the key to heaven. he taught her no special creed or dogma, but he impressed upon her mind two great ideas- the fatherhood of god and brotherhood of man. he made her feel that these truths underlay all creeds and forms of worship. his life was happy illustrations of this great truth . in his noble soul love and widest knowledge were blended with faith that had become insight . she saw god in all that liberates and librates. in all that humbles , sweetness and consoles