The Silver Star

What is uncle tinsley feeling

Like what feeling is he in

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Uncle Tinsley is Charlotte’s brother. He lives alone at Mayfield and isn’t exactly welcoming when Liz and Bean first appear at his front door looking for a place to stay. The first night he makes the girls sleep in the groom’s quarters in the barn but brings them food before they go to bed. They next day, after he helps Bean bury her turtle, he tells Bean and Liz that they will stay from then on in the bird wing of the house, the wing where their mother lived.

Uncle Tinsley is obsessed with genealogy and geography. He spends his days studying his family’s ancestors and conducting tests on jars of soil and rocks. When the girls first move into the house with him he doesn’t want them to clean anything but soon allows them to begin dusting, vacuuming and storing things in the attic.

It is Uncle Tinsley who directs Bean to the Wyatts for information about her father. He also advises Liz and Bean not to get jobs, but they ignore his advice. When he learns that they have gotten jobs with Maddox and Maddox has cheated Liz out of her pay he advises Liz to forget about that money. Liz again ignores his advice. After Liz is attacked he wants to pretend nothing has happened because he fears that pressing charges will cause a big scandal. Bean pursues the issue and contacts a lawyer, and Tinsley ultimately supports the girls once he sees they are intent on filing charges.