The Sign of the Beaver

How does the setting impact the events of Chapter 1?

How does the setting impact the event of chapter 1

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In Chapter One, we learn that the action is taking place in the Maine territory in 1768. Maine is not yet a state, and it remains wild and untamed. Thus, the setting impacts the plot because we are aware of Matt's main conflict from the start. Living in the wilderness is a test of survival, and Matt, who is only twelve-years-old, is staying behind while his father goes to collect the rest of their family and bring them to their new home. Before leaving, Matt's father finishes their log cabin, and he and Matt plant some crops. It all might sound easy, but his father will be gone for at least seven weeks, during which time, Matt will have to fend for himsel in the middle of a wilderness with all it has to offer.


The Sign of the Beave