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what is a summary of chapters 8-9 in The Schwa was Here?

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Chapter 8 of The Schwa Was Here has Antsy dressing up to go to Crawley's apartment. There he meet's Lexis (Lexie) who is blind. Antsy thinks that she is pretty and doesn't mind hanging out with her. The Schwa says hello and Antsy jumps. Lexie is not surprised, though, because she already knew that the Schwa was there because she could hear him breathing. Lexie approaches the Schwa and feels his face to 'see' him and tells him that he's beautiful and special like sweet-cream. Schwa says that sweet cream doesn't have a taste and isn't anything, but she disagrees with him. This makes Antsy jealous and he quickly gives the Schwa something to do so that he can take Lexie to dinner alone. 

Chapter nine sees Schwa bargaining with Antsy where Lexie is concerned. Antsty tells Lexie that he can't 'buy' Lexie away from him as if she were a possession. When they go over to Lexie's house she tells them that she wants to change her grandfather because she thinks that he is lonely and isn't living a real life. Schwa tells her that terrible events can have an effect on a person, and Antsy suggests that many doctors use another type of trauma to treat people.  They go to a dance and Antsy calls it a date, but Lexie corrects him by saying that it can't be a date when someone is paying another to actually go on the date. This hurts Antsy's feelings. When Lexie tells him that maybe he'd better go walk the dogs and let Calvin take her to the dance, he is devastated. 

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