The Other Wind

Who is Master Patterner from The Other Wind and what is their importance?

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The Master Patterner (True name of Azver) was once a Kargish warrior who, many years ago gacve up his homeland to seek the centre of the world; the Immanent Grove. There he learnt about the deep mysteries of the Earth, and the equilibrium at the heart of all things. It is the Master Patterner that first sets the story on its way to a resolution as he asks Alder to seek the advice of Ged the Archmage and then finally accepts all of the characters back to the Grove to seek a way of restoring the balance.
Master Patterner himself is a symbol of unification and harmony for the story. He lives in the only place where all the forces of the Earth and magic are at rest and not in conflict with each other. He himself is a Karg (the traditional enemy of the Archipelago), but has yet managed to marry his own 'barbarian' beliefs with that of the wizards of Roke. In a sense the Master Patterner represents the healing and unification that the whole story is yearning for.