The Moves Make the Man

What is the author's style in The Moves Make the Man by Bruce Brooks?

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For the most part, the book's overall narrative structure is essentially linear, moving from incident to incident, from cause to effect, in a fairly clear and connected way - that is, after the first two sections of the opening "First Part," which establish Jerome as narrating the story from a position in time that follows the events in question. In other words, the main body of the narrative is essentially a flashback, an explanation of how the situation established in the opening two sections came into being. That said, the four remaining sections of "First Part" build on the exposition of those first two sections to function as a kind of prologue, or introduction to the main body of the narrative, which kicks into gear when Jerome starts his new school - change of physical location/setting, change of narrative focus. The so-called "Second," "Third" and "Last" parts are all defined by this revised narrative focus, following Jerome as he moves through and/or motivates a chain of events set in motion by his transfer to the whites only Chestnut Street school. That chain of events gains in emotional intensity and narrative momentum as it moves forward, each section within each part functioning as an important link in that chain as Jerome accumulates insight and foresight.


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