The Miracle Worker

when Helen puts her fingers in Percy's mouth, this action illustrates that Helen is both:

A. curious and Intelligent

B. funny and stupid

c. Friendly and kind

D. shy and stubborn

pls help

What is Helen's sign for her mother?

A. putting her fingertips together

B. clapping her hands

C. rubbing her cheek with her hand

D. putting her finger in her ear

James's sarcasm and cynicism stem from his own struggle to come to terms with:

A. The deeep pity her feels for Helen

B. the lack of political power in the South

C. his relationships with his father and Kate

D. his great admiration for handicapped ppl.

Helen repsonds to indulgenge by:

A. sitting ladylike at the table

B. calming down

C. saying a prayer

D. dropping her napkin


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1.a 2.c 3.c 4.a