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Aldous Huxley is a British author who wrote novels, non-fiction, and essays. The reason for writing The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell is to inform the reader about the power of visionary experiences and the ability of mescalin to aid in these experiences. Huxley also wrote these essays to provide some philosophical thoughts on transcendence and spirituality.

Huxley entered into the mescalin experiment for several reasons. He wanted to help with the new areas of research about mescalin that were being discovered, he was interested in learning more about and experiencing its effects, and he wanted to have an experience that would help him gain understanding and knowledge. "The Doors of Perception" recounts his experiences during the trial. It is difficult for the reader to determine whether he remembered everything that happened or relied primarily on the recordings of the experiment. Despite this, Huxley's account provides strong arguments and powerful descriptions that help the reader understand the mescalin experience.