The Diary of a Young Girl

anne had strained relations with her mother.referring to mrs. frank's positive and negative qualities discuss how far she to be blamed for such a relationship?

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Anne Frank, The_Diary_of_a_Young_Girl, has a problem relating to her mother. In many ways, this is also Mrs. Frank's fault. Mrs. Frank was raised in a strict and orthodox Jewish household. As a result, when she had daughters, she raised them as she had been rasied. While Margot had the temperment for it, and found ways to cope, Anne has a difficult time adhering to the strict and rigid demands of being female in the Jewish faith. Mrs. Frank, however, is kind, caring, and she loves her daughters with her entire being. She is self sacrificing to the point that she ended up starving herself, thinking she was saving bread for her girls to eat. That type of devotion, however, does not give her the flexibility to allow for individuality and freedom of expression that was so much a part of who Anne Frank truly was as a person.