The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Who is Beauty from The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and what is their importance?

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Beauty is one of the main characters in the book and is known as Sleeping Beauty from the fairy tale. The beautiful blond princess serves in Queen Eleanor's court as a naked princess but is banished to the Village for disobedience. During a raid on the Village, she is kidnapped and taken across the sea to the Sultan's lands. There she is given to the Harem of Beautiful and Virtuous Wives for examination. She is rescued from her bonds by Inanna, and the two women make love. When she leaves Inanna's room in the morning, she is rescued by men from Queen Eleanor's realm. On the journey home, she and Laurent become lovers. The last night at sea, she is devastated by the news that she is being released from slavery and must return to her parents. Returned to royalty, she rejects all suitors, finally mastering one who she sends to be a slave for Queen Eleanor. She is thrilled when Laurent arrives to propose and she accepts him hurriedly. The couple plan to marry and live happily ever after.