The Cay

In the novel THE CAY, how are the major and minor conflicts resolved?

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In The Cay, there are quite a few conflicts that reach resolution throughout the story. One of the largest conflicts (and the initiating conflict) is that World War II breaks out and the germans arrive in Curacao. This is obviously resolved with the end of the war.

The Hato is torpedoed. Man vs Man. Phillip and his mother are in the ship when it is hit, then during the consequent evacuation, Phillip is knocked out. When he comes to, he is on a raft with a West Indian man named Timothy. Their conflicts are ongoing throughout the story, but one big conflict is the just the clash of cultures. Phillip looks down on Timothy because of his color, and of his station in life. Eventually, Phillip begins to understand that all of the outer trappings (culture, race) have nothing to do with being a good person.

man to man

man to socity

man to nature