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How does Montresor's response to Fortunato screams add to the mood as the story reaches its high point?
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In the story anyone can guess that Fortunato is pretty much drunk. It is in this that state of the mind people usually feel like expressing themselves wildly and frankly. As he was expressing his funny remarks about retuning to the palazzo, Fortunato uttered a sentence filled with pleading. No sooner had he said, "For the love of god Montressor!", the protagonist was taken aback from his cunning evil character and his hideous nature and felt a drizzle of sympathy towards the victim : Fortunato. This has added a very interesting mood to the story by changing a situation of sheer hatred into a moment of compassion and guilt for a while. Even so, the consistent nature of Montresor to continue with the death of his friend has shown a dark depiction of human intentions and rigidity. 

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The horrible juxtaposition of the carnival that’s going on outside and the death happening at Montressor’s hands adds to the mood as the story reaches its climax because just outside of the door people are laughing happily and joyfully while Fortunado’s screams are of pain and death.

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