The Canterville Ghost

book review of The Canterville Ghost in about 250 words..!! Plz Help

Plz help fast gotto submit this thing very soon

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The short story, The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wilde, is a different kind of ghost story than what most would expect. It takes place in a haunted mansion in the English countrside. For many years Sir Simon, the ghost, has successfully scared everyone that has ever lived in his ancestral home (Cnaterville Chase), and then came the Otis family from America. They are so loud and obnoxious, and totally self absorbed that a decent haunting can't occur. Sir Simon becomes very depressed. In fact, many of the family members have fun at the poor ghost's expense. Only one family member takes him seriously. Her name is Virginia. She's the 15 year old daughter. It is her caring and concern that finally allows this 300 year old ghost to go to his reward. Virginia also gains something from the exchange in that she has learned about life from the dead, and death from the living. And, in the end, that love trumps them all.
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