The Bronze Bow

In 5 words how would you describe Daniel

In the book The Bronze Bow, how would you describe Daniel in 5 words

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In the book, The Bronze Bow, Daniel comes from a group of people who were very proud of their heritage. So, one could use the word 'proud' to describe Daniel. Another word would be brave. This is because when he was treated badly by the blacksmith, instead of taking it he decides to run away. When Daniel joins the outlaws who are attempting to overthrow the Romans, the reader learns that the Romans crucified Daniel's parents and that he desires revenge. So, vengeful is another word that could be used. Daniel does not want to embrace the new religion and the idea that love is more powerful than war and hate. So, one could state that Daniel is a bit of a hothead, and quick to anger. He is also very intelligent, and dedicated, and persistent.
Daniel is an eighteen year old Galilean patriot.