The Book Thief

what is liesel's moral conflict in the book thief

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Liesel is always wondering if she'll get caught for stealing her book. Plus she wants to do right by her 'papa'(Hans Hubermann). SO overall, her moral is all over. I don't believe she has one particular moral. She's afraid she'll get caught, but she steals anyway. She wants toplease her papa, but she lies to him. She's a complication/internal conflict in the package of a girl with a struggle to get a hold of life.

Liesel faces many moral dilemas in the story. A moral conflict is when you must do something wrong for the 'right' reasons. This happens in several places for Liesel...she steals the book from the grave digger, she is the only survivor on her street after the war, many people try to kill her, and she gives bread to the old man. Many of these situations she had a choice to make and she makes a decision that will benefit her and insure her survival.