The Afterlife

Is the following poem a pure free verse poem?

The Afterlife Enormous purple dawns, the water was always rising, was always soft and optional and always soft to enter. I suppose therefore we entered, believing those dawns would hardly happen often, not wanting to let our lives make do. Of course the world stood still and all the stars popped out like baby light bulbs. Of course the moon would usually come out and thus improve the view. Tell everyone, we said. Sometimes at night I turned to you, we turned the page, and there was the yellow forest once again, the corridors of yellow trees, the bright birds roaming down. They tossed their frozen rags towards the sky and still got stuck in the marmalade, still found they made the usual passage. from aspiration to regret. Their feathers floated down all over town. Indeed the afterlife was all blue sky with enormous purple mornings. The flowers and clouds which always seemed to sweep the afternoons were merely part of the local colour, as also were the poets, who worked so hard to scribble down their presence, who set a furious pace between the sheets and wrote their dirty books to read aloud and grew upset when no one listened. We didn't regret regret. We didn't regret a life pointless aspiration. We wrote each other letters and found our language suffering from deep concussion in its deepest structures. Love was detained by loveliness we thought like sticky jam, like some accomplishment we somehow spent our feelings getting to. Nothing got said. It was a world of silent pictures, damp and magical. It was between you and me and not between those fixtures. I wanted to write straight home for instance and make the big announcement. You wanted me, I wanted you. I never wrote the letter. Each time I tried, the syntax seemed to rot and leave a few choice phrases underlined. And then I supposed no words would do. There was nothing I thought to say that sounded true, nothing at least to write straight home about, no one at home to write home to.
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