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what are the three superstitions that tom follows in this passage

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In the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom and Huck go into the graveyard with the dead cat at midnight. It is supposed to take away warts. This is how they end up seeing the murder. 

The other superstition is that murdered bodies will bleed in the presence of their murderers. 

A pact signed in blood is a binding agreement and if you break it, you die.  Tom and Huck sign one to promsie that they won't tell who murdered the Doc. 

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at first tom sees huck and asks him where is he going and finds the superstition act that huck is going to bury the dead cat and the witches is going turn it to medicine that cure warts.set out a promise and then saw  second is when tom and huck feels the cold wind in the graveyard and thinks that they disturbed the devils. next they saw three devils but with a closer look the saw that they were the grave robbers. after the murder of the doctor they set out a promise and  heared a howling dog which they interpret as a sign that whoever thy howl at, they will die

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