The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

depict a brief sketch of the nature of tom sawyer.

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Tom Sawyer, a fiction character created by Mark Twain in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, is based somewhat in part on Twain's own childhood in Missouri. Tom is highly intelligent, rebellious in nature, but is also possessed of a good heart. He doesn't do anything by half measures. Tom doesn't have a problem with taking advantage of someone if it benefits him (a good example is the events with whitewashing the fence, or at the church with the bible drills). Tom is very self gratifying and is at that stage in life where he's pretty sure that the world does revolve around him. He lives mostly in a fantasy world of his own imagination whenver he can, pretending to be a pirate or to play cowboy and indian. However, the reality of actually living any of those lives escapes him.