The Adoration of Jenna Fox

What was Jenna's level of education uploaded in her mind?

Evidence can be found in pages 150-179

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When Gail started college, she was not able to write a complete sentence, but she was determined not to fail. She cleaned office buildings at night and went to class and studied in the day.She earned straight A’s in her courses because she worked so hard.As a child, I knew that if I wanted to spend time with my mom, I could help her study for her tests. I can still remember sitting on her bed, reading her handwritten notes out loud so she could memorize. This is how I learned to read cursive. And years later during my first few years of college, I often knew the course material in my classes because I had already studied it as a child. I still remember the red dress she wore on her graduation day. I was so proud ofher, and I felt like I was graduating too.

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