The Adoration of Jenna Fox

In the adoration of jenna fox,what scene is very important to the story?

I have a project and I am confused on how to pick a scene, that is very important to the book

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In "Waking," Jenna reveals she has woken two weeks ago from a year long coma, resulting from an accident. For the first few days, her body and mind flailed uncontrollably, but settled eventually. She began to be able to walk, move, and speak over the course of a few days, with her father always near her. Lily laments that Jenna's gait is still not natural, but Jenna's parents ignore her. Jenna can remember nothing of her life, including her parents, Lily, or her past. "Time" informs readers that Jenna doesn't know some of the simplest of words, and she wonders where those words may have gone.