The Adoration of Jenna Fox

How does Jenna inspire change in others?

My essay is based on the question: What challenges does jenna face on her journey to discover who she is? How does she inspire change in others?

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The book attempts to force the reader to identify what it means to be a human by rejecting the common definition, and using medical ethics to redefine "human". The question really asks the reader what qualities make up a human being, and which qualities define us. Questions of whether thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, skin, blood, or tissue make up a person is central to the concepts presented in Jenna's life as she struggles to define these terms. Her own guilt drives her to "kill" the backup copies of her friends, and this alone seems to define Jenna as human. Her ability to feel guilt, sorrow, and pain over her friend's state shows she is capable of human emotion, but this question further leads to whether, in getting rid of the backups, Jenna is essentially committing murder as she rids the world of the central memories of two individuals.