The Acid House

Who is Craig Gifford from The Acid House and what is their importance?

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Craig Gifford is the victim of the worst crime in the novella and, indeed, in the book. He is killed by Roxy, with Brian's participation, after which the two rob the body and spend the money in bars. Neither of his killers even now his real name, instead referring to him as Blind Cunt, because he is blind. Gifford is an annoying person, given to making petty corrections of whatever anyone says. Brian and his friends drink with him, but they do not like him. On the night of the murder, after Gifford leaves the bar, Roxy notes that he was flashing a lot of cash, and concocts the plan to rob him. After Roxy hits him with a piece of slate, Brian kicks snow in his face, but later he admits that he actually kicked Gifford in the head and therefore may have contributed to the brain hemorrhaging that led to his death.