I need 10 important moments in Tess of the D'urbervilles which I read last summer and need help!

I need to explain these ten important moments, but its finding them that is gonna take me the longest, so all I need is the top ten moments in Tess

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1. Tess's father sends her to 'claim kin' from the wealthy branch of the D'Urbervilles.

2. Tess is raped by Alec, the son of the wealthy D'Ubervilles, in the forest one night. He purposely got them lost.

3. Tess has a baby as a result, and then the baby dies. She has to sneak the baby's body into the churchyard to give it a proper burial.

4. Tess goes to work on the dairy farm and meets Angel Clare. they fall in love.

5. They are set to be married and in a fit of conscience Tess writes a note and puts it under his door, telling him of her past.

6. Angel doesn't see the note, but Tess doesn't know it. Later, on their wedding night, he confesses that he had a fling with a strange woman when he was in London many years previously. Tess, thinking he's read her note, discusses her past in more detail.....and he is horrified to find that she's not a virgin. He leaves her and goes to South America.

7. Despondent and poor, she agrees to move in with Alec, though she despises him.

8. Angel returns.

9. Tess stabs Alec in the hotel room that they are in.

10. Angel and Tess become fugitives on the run. They are caught and apprehended at stonehenge. Tess is hanged for her crimes.