Songs of the Humpback Whale

what's a good metaphor or simile from Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult?

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Consider Apples. Symbolic of the forbidden fruit in Eden, the apples in the story appear often. Sam, Joley and Hadley tend and harvest the fruit on one of the few profitable orchards in Massachusetts. Jane and Sam argue about apple farming. Joley grafts branches from one kind of apple tree to another. The orchard grows many varieties: Astrachan, Cortland, Red Delicious, Puritan, Bellflower, Macoun, Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Gravensteins, Miltons, McIntosh, Bottle Greening and others. In Chapter 18, Joley tells Sam that Jane used to be an Astrachan before she met Oliver, now she's a crab apple. When the Joneses leave the orchard, they are given bushels of apples to remind them of the place where they found true love.