Silas Marner

What is the importance of the Rainbow inn scene in chapter 6?

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Rainnow gives us joy and can heal our soul of all misery & griefit indicates the union of seven colours despite of being different.such a way several classes of people unite and shares their is enlived with laughter happiness of life
A rainbow is formed when sun light from behind you is refracted {bent} ,dispersed and reflected from the rain drops in front of you.Red colour is seen at the outside of the bow.Violet light is sen at the inner side of the bow.In a rainbow, the angle between the sun and the rain drops and the eye is about 42 degrees-Best essay writing service-

The Rainbow was a place of luxurious resort for rich and prosperous life.

it is meant to live a life to full.

Life is precious and it will give you more and more moment which you can enjoy.


In truth, the symbolic meaning of rainbows deals with some serious ju-ju in myth and culture. To wit, rainbows make appearances in tons of creation myths and they also stand for powerful stuff like: Creation, divinity, good luck, duality and liminal spaces. More research into rainbow meanings made me realize there's a lot more to them than just glittery symbols adorning juvenile tubes of strawberry flavored lip gloss.


Here is your answer:

  • The men in the community are exchanging stories and enjoying a few drinks.
  • Silas enters the bar and accuses Jem Rodney. However, he learns that Jem had been there all day. Silas apologizes to Jem and tells everyone what he knows of the theft. The constable is ill, so the men go to his house to be deputized and begins an investigation.
  • Dunstan fails to return home with the money from Wildfire’s sale, which causes Godfrey to contemplate confessing to his father. Meanwhile, the villagers talk about the theft and come up with incorrect theories. Godfrey finds out Wildfire was killed.
  • Godfrey is forced to tell his father, the Squire, about Wildfire and explain that he lent the Fowlers' rent money to Dunstan. The Squire is mad at first, but soon changes the subject to talk about Godfrey marrying Nancy Lammeter.
  • It is Christmas time, and the people of Raveloe become friendlier with Silas, feeling bad that he was robbed. People visit him at home, and bring him gifts. The Winthrop family is introduced; Dolly and her young son, Aaron, become very close with Silas.

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