Selected Poems of Langston Hughes

What is the setting of Selected Poems of Langston Hughes by Langston Hughes?

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Langston Hughes saw the entire world as a palette for his poetry. Admittedly, as a black American poet from Harlem, he draws on his experiences as a resident of that section of New York City in the majority of his works. However, there are also poems featured in this collection which mention places as far afield as Cuba, Mexico, Ireland, England, and of course, Africa. It can be argued that the section entitled "Sea and Land" gave the author an opportunity to prove to readers (both black and white) that he was a black man who had life experiences in the world at large and not simply in Harlem, the greater New York City area, or the American South. And while it is obvious that places like Harlem, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi were closest to the author's heart, it is readily apparent that Langston Hughes was able to recognize the mystery and beauty of places unfamiliar to those blacks who may have read his poetry.