Selected Poems of Langston Hughes

What is the author's style in Selected Poems of Langston Hughes by Langston Hughes?

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For the most part, Hughes' poems are written using standard English. However, there are a number of poems which are written in black vernacular. Most especially, ts the case with the majority of selections in "Feet of Jesus" which center around church and religion, specifically Christianity. For example, in "Sinner," the speaker admits to being "Po' an' black / An' humble an lonesome / An' a sinner in yo' sight." The tendency in speech to omit the ending letters of words like and is a mark of a kind of black American home speak. In other words, it marks the difference between language used in the African-American home and that used in society or around whites. In other selections found in the same section, the home speak is not utilized. The short verse "Prayer" is an example of standard English being used in a religious or spiritual context.