Romeo and Juliet

How could Romeo and Juliet's deaths been avoided?

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The deaths of Romeo and Juliet could have easily been prevented with the approval from the Capulet and Montague family for the love that Romeo and Juilet both share
Romeo and Juliet's parents would have had to settle their feud. Of course there are several ways they could have done this mitigation, a duel, money etc. With the feud between the Montogues and Capulets settled Romeo and Juliet would have been able to get married with their families blessings. I find it interesting that the classic old tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet has repeated itself many times throughout history such as the field between the Hatfields and McCoys.
it could have been avoided if romeo had made sure juliet was dead.
If Romeo hadn't been so hasty, he would have noticed Juliet was still alive, she was just very still. She was still kind of cold, but she still had color to her skin, thus showing she was coming out of her drug-induced "death."Another way would have been if the families had come to settle their differences. Then they could have been together and not have dealt with the whole drama that ultimately led to their deaths.
their death could have been avoided if juliet showed up faster and showed romeo that she was only faking her death.

Romeo and Juliets death could have been avoided if:

>romeo forces the Capulet's to allow him to have Juliet by kidnapping Lady capulet and saying "I'll kill her unless u let me marry juliet"

>if he controlled mercucio or at least fought with him. If mercucio had not had to fight on behalf of Romeo, then he would not have died and so Romeo would not have to go after Tybalt and kill him and romeo would never get exiled and they could both run away in the sunset together

> just get married and then tell their parents when they could not do anything about it

>they tried telling their parents about their love.

>Romeo was in on the plan of Juliet taking the potion and Friar Laurence told him before she took it

>. Baltasar did not go and tell Romeo that Juliet was dead

>. I Juliet had just run away from home one day to join Romeo without her parents noticing (she could have said she was going to do confessions)

>. if romeo waited by Juliets bed for at least an hour before killing himself

>. if the friar sent the letter before letting Juiet drink her death potion

>. If Romeo had stopped being so suicidal all the timeand if he quit trying to kill himself all the time and be a man

The MORAL of the play is that where hate thrives (the feud), all will eventually be punished by its poisonous effect. The feud is directly responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. If the Montague and Capulet families had worked out their differences instead of remaining engaged in a bitter dispute, the lives of their children would have been spared.

That said, some other possibilities without changing the universe of the play (two feuding households both alike in dignity and all that):

  • The timing could have been better: Friar Lawrence could have gotten to the tomb sooner. Romeo could have gotten to the tomb later.
  • Romeo and Juliet could have been a bit less impulsive, and reconsidered their suicidal urges.
  • Friar Lawrence could have put together a plan that did not rely upon medieval letter delivery service.
  • Juliet could have gone with Romeo when he is initially banished from the city.
Romeo could have talkted More to juliet
It couldn't they were star-crossed lovers. Even before the play starts tehy are doomed. Delightful, isn't it?

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