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Prove that the novel contains the following themes: Mastery is essential to human survival. Acceptance is a requirement for happiness. A complicated life only distracts from living.

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The themes in Robinson Crusoe tend to reassert themselves throughout the novel. Mastery is essential to human survival is shown as Robinson is onboard the ship as well as when he is shipwrecked on the island. Mastering the simple act of creating a shelter, starting a fire, of finding food were essential to his survival. Secondly, acceptance is a requirement for happiness is shown by his keeping of the calendar on the island, and by his journal. Lastly, is the theme that states that a complicated life only distracts from living. This is shown when he learns to enjoy the simple accomplishments of his day, the beauty of nature, and living simply. This is shown, also, in his decision to create his 'bower' or country estate on a beautiful part of the island.  

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