Rainbow Valley

Who is Una Meredith from Rainbow Valley and what is their importance?

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Una Meredith is the youngest of the manse kids. She is sensitive and unsure of herself. But she makes a bold move when she asks Rosemary West if she will marry her father.

Siblings: Una Meredith is not the youngest of the Manse kids, but rather the youngest girl. She has two older siblings: Jerry- two years older and Faith- one year older. She also has a younger brother: Carl- one year younger and later a younger half-brother Bruce by her step-mother Rosemary.

Looks: She has dead-black hair betraying no lawless kinks that is usually plaited in two or one braid and her wistful almond-shaped dark blue eyes have a bit of sorrow in them. Her skin is a pale corpse white.

Personality: Una is quiet and shy. She is very sweet and pensive. When she does something she considers wrong she is very remorseful once even starving herself. There is just this certain longing sorrowful air about her. She is very helpful and is always doing whatever needs to be done. She loves Walter although it is unknown to him. She is often overshadowed by her siblings and the Blythe gang.

Side note: Una is my favorite character. She is the farthest thing from a Mary-Sue, btw.