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1. Describe Leela Class for Sidda ? 2. How did Leela's parents treat Sidda when they suspected him for a thief? in the chapter of "Leela's Friend" written by R.K Narayan

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In the story, Leela's Friend, Leela is a young 5 year old child whose family works all of the time. They hire Sidda to do errands and to watch the child for them. Sidda does not read or write, but he can tell brilliant stories that Leela loves. One day a gold chain that Leela wears around her neck goes missing. The parents immediately suspect Sidda. Knowing that he did not do it, but fearing their wrath, Sidda disappers. Leela tells her parents that Sidda did not do it, but they will not listen. In the meanwhile, no one can entertain Leela and she cries all of the time. Then they find the gold chain in a pot in the house. They call the police to report that the chain had been found. 

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 Leela's parents treated with Sidda very bad.they immediatly called to policefor arrest him.

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