I need a story guide for dementor and persephone

I need 10 questions and the answers for a test tomorrow because i lose my notebook please and thanks :)

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The story of Demeter and Persephone is that of a loving mother for her daughter, and how a series of events rips them apart. Hades covets Persephone, but Demeter staunchly defends her daughter, who is by all accounts beautiful in every way. However, not to be told 'no', Hades kidnaps Persephone and takes her to the underworld. If she eats or drinks anything there, she will have to live there. She refuses to eat or drink for many weeks. Meanwhile, her mother, Demeter is beside herself. Being the goddess of the harvest and abundance, she is grieving so horribly that it remains winter. Nothing grows, Spring never comes. Finally, the gods intervene and tell Hades that he has to let Persephone go. Unfortunately, at this point she's eaten a pomegranant seed, which means that by the rules she's got to stay there. However, the gods intervene and compromise. Persephone will go to Hades' hall and live there for Fall and Winter (during which time Demeter grieves and there is nothing growing). She is to return for Spring and Summer. You should be able to create many questions out of this with the answers. Good Luck.