Perfect Mistake

What are the motifs in Perfect Mistake by Kate Brian?

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The need to perpetuate lies is a recurring idea in the story. Ariana kills Briana Covington and assumes her identity. From the beginning, she's struggling to maintain that lie. Briana is something of an exhibitionist and Ariana is not comfortable in that role but soon discovers she has to find a way to live up to that side of Briana's personality. Ariana manipulates a great many situations and people and each time she finds she has to live the lies she's created. When she breaks up Palmer and Lexa, she hopes to clear the way to date Palmer herself. However, she's afraid to anger Lexa and so has to put her relationship with Palmer on hold. Arguably the biggest lie is that she is Briana Covington rather than a prison escapee. Ariana constantly fears that someone will figure it out or that Kaitlynn will reveal her true identity.