Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Who is Gabriel Bode from Pedagogy of the Oppressed and what is their importance?

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A civil servant working for the Chilean Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario, Bode observed that students are interested in discussion only when it relates to their needs. When interested, the students still digressed from the discussion and did not relate their needs to the causes of those needs. Bode began using two situations. The first one reflects a main theme. After discussing the first image, Bode leaves the image visible while bringing up secondary, related images that present additional related themes. The comparison of the two images helps students make connections.

Gabriel Bode also was my grandfather, he passed away this 16 th of march with 81 years old, this 18 th of march was his 82 th birthday, he lived his last years on Loncura beach, Quintero, Chile. He always had people who wasn't from the family on his house, he i'snt even my real grandfather but he adopted me as his grand son, because he adopted my father as his child when my dad lost his real father, His full name was Gabriel Gustav Adolf Bode Estrada, her parents were german, he was married with my grandma for 52 years, She is still alive and her name is Isabel Behrens a great woman,who has his same essence, We really miss Gabriel, a really interesting man, who has so many histories to tell that you wouldn't believe, his participation on this part of the book of Paulo Freire is one of them, He was his friend.
Gabriel was pursued on the goverment of pinochet and survived death a few times thanks to old comrades on the military school who had orders to kill him but they let him go because they knowed him, i am really happy that i had to know him, hear his stories and teach me about life, we will mis him, and so many people too, for his way to be with each one, he always saw people like any other, never maked diferences, never discriminated anyone, that's why many people love him, here on his city, his family and the other family he choosed, because like me, there were many others.

A man who loved a good conversation over anything, on lunch he could talk for hours about a lot of things, also loved books, people, whiskey, wine and his wife, all their sons and grandsons and also mercedes cars, who unfortunately never had one.

The last things he said to me were "thanks to books i lived so many lives" and "we rest when we have money and no problems, if not, we live worried about it" this last word was only because of his sickness and the lose of his right leg.

There are so many things to talk about him, these are just a few.

Rest in peace Gabriel, His funeral was on Cementerio Metropolitano, Santiago and on his birthday, so we sing him the happy birthday song and put Frank Sinatra My Way, because it was his favorite song.

A man who definetly lived his life on his way...