Patriot Games

What is the author's style in Patriot Games by Tom Clancy?

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Tom Clancy has chosen to discuss an issue that affects the entire world, that of terrorism. What is unique about this novel is that he deals with the issue of the Irish Republican Army form of terrorism. Most Americans are quite united in their stand against terrorists, especially ones from the Middle East, and even our homegrown variety. What is more difficult for many Americans is the question of terrorism in their distant Irish relatives. By facing this question directly, Clancy forces the reader to evaluate the question of terrorism in and of itself, and not the source of origin. When Clancy opens the book with Ryan's family taking a working vacation in London, England, he creates a beautiful image of a close and happy family. That peaceful and charming image is then destroyed with the terrorist attack. This surreptitious attack on the reader becomes even more evident when it is discovered who Jack Ryan actually saved, another father, mother, and child.