Olive's Ocean

Who is Martha Boyle from Olive's Ocean and what is their importance?

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Martha Boyle in Olive's Ocean is a girl living in Wisconsin, who is going to spend the summer with her granmother on the Atlantic Ocean. Right before she left, a classmate that had been killed while riding her bike, had an entry in her journal pertaining to Martha. The girl's mother delivers it to Martha right before she leaves. Martha is a young teen struggling with self identity and how to determine what the right thing is to do in various situations. When she goes to stay with her grandmother, she decides to start writing a tribute to Olive (the dead classmate). She gathers some ocean water to take back to Olive's mother in Wisconsin, but when she arrives on the doorstep finds out that Olive's mother has moved. Martha writes Olive's name on the doorstep with the ocean water until it is all gone. With this act she is able to let go of Olive's death.