frangi[pani house

summarized chapter one to ten

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Frangipani House (Gilroy) is about an old woman by the name of Mama King, who is as tough as nails. She begins to be forgetful and since no one can care for her (her family all live in American and she's in Guyana) they have to send her to a rest home. This rest home is called Frangipani House. It is a nightmarish place and it doesn't take long before the only way she can survive is to escape into a deep well of memories of her life. The first ten chapters are about her having to go to the Frangipani House and the people she meets once there, and how they begin to sedate her, mistreat her physically, and speak harshly to her. Chapter 8-10 is her retreat into her memories.
How old is mama king in the novel
The story frangipani is about a lady by the name of Alexandra mable king aka mama King. in this novel mama king was place in a home for old women called frangipani house. The name was given because of its frangipani tree. mama king being in the facility made her feel as she was confine. during her time keep on having flash back of her husband danny, her children, grandchildren