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Marduk is the patron god of Babylon and a vital part of Mesopotamian myth. Marduk is the most powerful god, and he is described as perfect in build with four eyes and four ears. He is also said to have breathed fire. When Anu creates the four winds, she gives them to Marduk. His use of the winds, however, upsets Tiamat and the older gods, who request that she kill the younger gods and avenge her husband's death.

Marduk is later made a ruler of the gods, and he is sent to kill Tiamat. After murdering Tiamat, he creates the Earth, shrines and stands for the gods, constellations, the moon, and dictates its rise and fall, as well as creating clouds, fog, springs, mountains, the sky, and the earth. In essence, Marduk creates the world from Tiamat.


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