My Year of Meats

what do these families reveal about american culture? what do they reveal about the definition of family?

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A huge theme of this novel deals with the use of antibiotics and hormones in meat that will be consumed. Meat is a large part of American culture. Jane knows very little about the meat industry in America when she first takes a job as the producer of a reality show to promote the consumption of beef in Japan. However, as she begins to work on the show, Jane sees firsthand the effects of using these drugs in meat.

Jane wants to direct the show, but the Japanese producers send a new director every couple of weeks to work on the show. However, when one of these directors has an allergic reaction to antibiotics used in the pork chops he is eating, Jane is given her chance. Jane talks to the doctor about this man's reaction, but it does not really sink in until Jane meets yet another person who has had an adverse reaction to the drugs used routinely in the meat industry.