Maniac Magee

what is the frogball incident?

what is the frogball incident/

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McNab is getting upset and puts all of his strength into his pitch only to be disappointed to watch the ball land in deep left center field. McNab pitches four more times and Maniac responds with a home run each time. An angry McNab begins aiming for Maniac’s head, belt, and knees. McNab pitches a fast frog ball and Maniac bunts it. As Maniac is halfway to second, McNab takes action by chasing the frog and attempting to herd it into a foul ball. McNab’s attempt is unsuccessful and soon he is racing to home against Maniac in an attempt to tag him out. Maniac crosses home plate first and continues jogging past a cheering crowd. All the while, McNab is yelling for Maniac to never return.