Lord of the Flies

Analyze the plot summary in the novel Lord of the Flies? (Place emphasis on the language and form of writing)

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The basic plot summary of Lord of the Flies revolves around the downward spiral of a group of boys shipwrecked on a deserted island. The language and form of writing exhibit the skill with which Golding approached his major themes. The language, especially, becomes critical in the depiction of th boy's eventual descent into evil while it also serves to show (as opposed to telling) those who manage to retain some hint of their former civility. For example, as the boys begin to lose their humanity, their language shifts to gutteral grunts and non-verbal cues. Many invent their own language to depict the inhuman acts that occur. Conversely, Simon retains much of his ability to remain human and as a result his language remains untouched and unchanged.

The form of writing is all in the pacing (or a good deal of it). If one were to analyze the work, then one would see that toward the climax of the story the chapters have more action in them, more heightened suspenseful moments and that the form of writing makes more use of 'white space'. In other words, there is more dialogue per square inch than in previous chapters.