Little Women

Give me some summary of the story of the " little women "

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Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, is a story about four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March. They are living in the 1800s England and as the novel opens it is Christmas. They are sad because they don't have money to have a lavish Christmas and to make matters worse, their father is away. To take their mind off of their problems they decide to put on their own version of Pilgrim's Progress. The next day being Christmas they decide to take their breakfast to a nearby neighbor who is more impoverished than they are. Their kindness does not go unrewarded, though, as Mr. Laurence a wealthy man in town hears of their generosity and sends over flowers and treats for them. The girls attend a ball. Jo hides behind a curtain and meets Mr. Laurence's grandson, Theadore (Laurie). They become friends. They begin visiting Laurie often at his grandfather's house. One of the sisters gets into trouble at school and is so humiliated that her mother allows her to resume her lessons at home from now on. Mr. Brooke, Laurie's tutor, seems to be interested in Meg (the oldest daughter).

Jo submits stories to the local newspaper and has something published. Marmee gets a telegram and learns that her husband is ill. In a panic she goes to be with him, thanks to Mr. Laurence's generosity. Jo sells her hair to give her mother enough money to live while she is with her father. Beth contracts scarlet fever and the other girls feel ashamed that they were so selfish. Amy is sent away so that she won't catch scarlet fever. When Christmas comes again, Mr. March is well enough to return home and surprise everyone. The next section takes place three years after this. Meg is getting married, the war is over and MR. March has become the preacher in town. Later, Meg has twins. Aunt CArrol plans a trip to Europe and takes Amy with her to study art. Jo goes to New York where she will be a teacher. Laurie tells Jo that he loves her, but Jo doesn't return the sentiment. Laurie ends up marrying Amy. Professor Ghaer, a professor at the college where Jo teachers marries Jo. Aunt March dies and leaves the home in Plumfield to Jo. She and her husband open a school for boys there.