King Lear

What are themes of act 4 scene 7 of king lear

Themes of act 4 scene 7 King Lear

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Empathy and forgiveness are themes in this scene. Lear, who has finally been captured by Cordelia’s men, is brought to her camp. While Lear sleeps, Cordelia speaks with Caius (Kent), whom she recognizes immediately but vows to keep his true identity a secret. She is deeply grateful for all Kent has done to help protect her father. When Lear wakes, he is brought to Cordelia. It’s clear that he recognizes his beloved daughter, despite his madness. He assumes that Cordelia has brought him to her so that she can betray and kill him, just as her sisters would have done. Cordelia tells her father that she loves him and tearfully forgives him for banishing her. Meanwhile, the soldiers outside discuss the news that Edmund has been put in charge of Albany’s troops.