Killing Floor

What are the motifs in Killing Floor by Lee Child?

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Honesty vs survival is a recurring idea. Someone once said that all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing. The town of Margrave could be considered a perfect example of that phrase. Before Kliner and his family came to town, Margrave was doing a slow death spiral into obscurity. The town had been a lively affair and everyone stopped there on their way to Atlanta at one time though. Margrave had once been right on the main road to Florida, the old barber had told Jack. It was the only route through Georgia north to south until the new highway came through. During those days, people from all over stopped in Margrave, and the town flourished. For some reason, when the government built the highway, they put it fourteen miles from Margrave, and the passing traffic stopped. The town on its own wasn't big enough to support itself so slowly businesses began to fail. People lost their livelihoods and as jobs were lost, the town slowly died. Then along came Kliner.