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Kidnapped- R.L. Stevenson. What incident happens to David on his way to Torosay?
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David pays a poor man for a night's lodging and to be his guide to Torosay. After having some drinks, they head out. Eventually the guide sits down, takes his shoes off, and pretends he cannot speak English (though he can, and David knows this). This angers David and the two men get into a fight.

David hits the man and takes his shoes and daggar and continues to Torosay alone.

David then meets a blind man who tells him he paid his previous guide too much and offers to guide him the rest of the way for a dram of brandy. Eventually the blind man and David get into an argument and David makes his way to Torosay on his own.

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how do we know that the captain and MR RIACH WERE BRAVE MEN

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