Incident at Vichy: A Play

Who is Leduc from Incident at Vichy: A Play and what is their importance?

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Leduc is one of the Jewish detainees who is brought to the detention center after the play begins. He is a psychiatrist who studied in Germany and at the Psychoanalytic Institute in Vienna. Leduc is one of the main characters in this play. Several pages into the play, the Captain of Police, the Professor and two detectives enter with the Old Jew, Leduc and Von Berg. In response to hearing about the furnaces in Poland and Germany, Leduc suggests that three men could overpower the one guard at the door, but no one is willing to attempt an escape; complicity offers a chance of release while rebellion seems to ensure destruction. The boy offers to help Leduc in his escape plan, but Leduc believes it is useless without the aid of Monceau, the only other able-bodied man who still insists the Germans are incapable of this.
Leduc and Monceau argue about racial laws while Von Berg tells about the Jewish musicians that were killed in Austria as proof that the Germans would try to exterminate the Jews. As Leduc and the boy decide to escape, the Major returns, intoxicated, and advises them against it. The Major and Leduc argue because Leduc wants the Major to help them escape, but the Major insists it will not matter as he sees a future where human beings are insignificant. During the others' interrogations, Leduc asks Von Berg to tell his wife about his arrest, and Von Berg asks to part as friends; however, Leduc refuses until Von Berg accepts his responsibility in this atrocity which stems from his complicity as he has done nothing to change things. The Professor interrogates Von Berg, releasing him with a pass which Von Berg gives to Leduc and insists he go. Leduc flees.